Water Bowser Hire

Portable water bowser

We can provide water bowser hire for road use and on site use . Our towable water bowsers are the small to medium capacity for your water on needs.

We can supply you with water bowser that carry 1000 or 2000 litres

Remember, if you are towing on the road, ensure your licence and the vehicle are suitable to tow such a trailer. Remember a 1000 litre bowser weighs in excess of a tonne

Onsite drinking water on tap with this road towable drinking water bowser. To ensure cleanliness, all bowsers are processed with chlorine tablets after each hire. We still recommend boiling the water before drinking water out of the towable bowse

Our water bowsers can prove a very cost effective water supply option for those clients requiring a small amount of water for their festival, event or construction site.

What We Provide

  • Full instructions on how to use and care for the water bowser/s while they are on your site or during your event
  • 24 hour emergency contact number in case of any unexpected issues

What Is Required

  • Firm level site with vehicular access


Road Towable Bowsers

  • Capacities available are 1000 and 2000 litres.
  • It has lights and indicators built on to the chassis, with an electrical coupler similar to that you’d find on a caravan.

Site Towable Water Bowsers

  • Capacities available are 2000 litres.
  • A site towable bowser cannot be towed on the highway, regardless with our without payload.
  • The the site towable bowser is 2000 litres and therefore so don't tow this on the road,highway unless it is empty.
  • Off the highway, you can tow this bowser with a full payload.

Also worth considering is our on-demand pumps for feeding toilets, portable showers, and hand wash stations and similar to increase your flow rate from the water bowser.

Delivery & Installation

We understand that there may be a time limitation on our access to the event site for the delivery and installation of the portable toilets. We will always do our best to accommodate your requirements in this respect – please contact us to discuss this.

Health & Safety

Maximus Hire Group take health and safety very seriously, and you can be assured that all necessary assessments and precautions will be taken for the provision of portable toilets for your event.



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