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Below are the answers to a few questions freqently asked by our clients

These days there are so many factors to take into account when considering toilet provisions for different types of events that it can be a bit of a minefield. We’ve put together a list of the questions that we ask people who contact us for portable toilet hire, to help you figure out exactly what you need. Don’t forget that you will need disabled facilities at all public events, and at any private event where there may be disabled guests.

  1. What type of event is it?

    (ie a private event such as a wedding, or a public one such as a festival or sporting event)

    Wedding guests will probably not appreciate being expected to use a basic portable loo in all their finery…! Luxury portable toilets are not as expensive to hire as you might think, but make such a difference to your guests’ enjoyment of your big day. On the other hand, if your event is a public event, the priority is usually to provide hygienic, functional facilities.

  2. How many people are expected to attend?

    Anticipating the number of attendees is absolutely critical in deciding how many toilets are required (of whatever type). There are easy to follow guidelines on our toilet calculator page, but currently there are no official guidelines for the number of disabled toilets required at public events.

  3. What kind of visitors will be using the facilities? (i.e. general public, VIP guests?)

    Many public events have VIP guests as well as the general public, for example where corporate hospitality is offered. It’s usual practice to hire luxury portable toilets for VIP guests and portable loos for the general public, although depending upon the type of event, luxury toilets might be appropriate for all guests.

  4. Will there be alcohol consumed?

    Generally speaking, if people are consuming alcohol, they need to use the toilet more often. Again, our toilet calculator includes guidance on how many toilets are required at events where people will be drinking alcohol.

  5. Will there be a fairly even split of men and women attending?

    Portable urinals are an excellent option for events with a large number of male guests, and can significantly reduce the number of standard portable toilets required.

  6. Where is it going to be held? (e.g. in a muddy field, or in the grounds of a beautiful stately home?)

    Again, this question relates to whether the portable toilets just need to be hygienic and functional, or whether they need to be of a higher standard to fit with their surroundings. It’s not always as straightforward as this of course, for example, music festivals and muddy sporting events are often held in the grounds of stately homes, but for most visitors to these events portable loos are perfectly acceptable.

For more help and advice on working out what types of portable toilets would be best for your event, call Maximus Hire Group on 0800 310 1045. We are experienced in providing toilets for all types of events and occasions.

If you’re having home improvements done – for example, a new bathroom, an extension, or a complete renovation – hiring a portable loo can be an absolute godsend. Even if your own bathroom isn’t directly affected by the work being undertaken, you probably won’t want builders, plumbers, or electricians using your family’s facilities and / or tramping mud through your house.

Having work done on your home which lasts more than a day brings all manner of upheavals, and can be a stressful time for the whole family. Most good workmen are conscious of this and will do their best to minimise the interruption to your normal daily routine; not only will they thank you for providing them with their own toilet facilities, but your spouse / teenage daughter / mother-in-law will also be grateful to have their privacy protected.

Portable loo hire is inexpensive and hassle-free; you don’t need to provide power, a water supply, or drainage, and we will deliver and maintain the unit for you while it’s at your property. Make sure to include ‘portable loo hire’ on your checklist for your home improvement project!

Our normal areas of operation are Hull, Beverley, Driffield, Bridlington, Howden, Goole, Filey, Scarborough, York and thoughout East and North Yorkshire

We will also deliver and service multiple units or Luxury Toilets in Scunthorpe, Grimsby and throughout North Lincolnshire

Delivery & Installation

We understand that there may be a time limitation on our access to the event site for the delivery and installation of the portable toilets. We will always do our best to accommodate your requirements in this respect – please contact us to discuss this.

Health & Safety

Maximus Hire Group take health and safety very seriously, and you can be assured that all necessary assessments and precautions will be taken for the provision of portable toilets for your event.



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