Portable Urinals

Portable Urinals

Our 5 bay portable urinal unit is ideal where a large number of male visitors are expected. Light and easy to clean whilst being tough and vandal-proof, these units are open plan offering plenty of space for 5 gents to use at any one time. Both ends of the urinal unit are open allowing for faster traffic flow and optimal ventilation. Each unit can be provided with privacy barriers.

The obvious benefit of accommodating up to 5 people at any one time is that it avoids large queues; another benefit is that it also increases the waste capacity without the need of transporting more single portable toilets to your event site. An added advantage is that your other loos will stay cleaner for a longer period during your event.

Portable urinals are very popular with pubs and beer festivals or any kind of large outside event. For a free, no-obligation quote contact our hire team at Maximus Hire Group who can advise you on the best options and availability.

What We Provide

  • Full instructions on how to use and care for the urinals while they are on your site or during your event
  • 24 hour emergency contact number in case of any unexpected issues

What Is Required

  • Vehicular access to the site
  • Firm level ground for siting the unit


Width: 2170mm

Depth: 2350mm

Height: 2350mm

Door (Height): 2030mm

Door (Width): 830mm

Each Holding Tank: 26 gal / 95 L

Privacy Barrier Length: 13ft / 3.96 m

Delivery & Installation

We understand that there may be a time limitation on our access to the event site for the delivery and installation of the portable toilets. We will always do our best to accommodate your requirements in this respect – please contact us to discuss this.

Health & Safety

Maximus Hire Group take health and safety very seriously, and you can be assured that all necessary assessments and precautions will be taken for the provision of portable toilets for your event.



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