Portable Toilets

Many situations and occasions call for clean, functional and reliable toilet facilities where no permanent ones exist, or where there are insufficient permanent toilets for a large event. At Maximus Hire Group we supply high quality standard portable toilets (commonly known as ‘portable loos’) for use in a wide range of circumstances, including building sites, festivals, sporting events, and large community gatherings.

One important thing to remember! Unlike many of our competitors, no matter what size your event, from the smallest garden party to the largest wedding, or festival, Maximus Hire Group will never mix our event toilets with our construction site toilets, so you can rest assured your toilets will be in the best possible condition that they can be when they arrive at your event.

With a sturdy, tough, but very presentable interior and exterior, our portable loos can withstand constant use by large numbers of people in most weather conditions.

Each unit is well ventilated, and includes a built-in shelf, mirror, and hanging hook – features not often seen in standard portable toilets.

Either a hand basin (with a foot-operated pump providing cold water to the tap) can be provided in each unit, or a handgel dispenser can be included as a more eco-friendly alternative; the choice is yours depending upon your preferences. Contact us if you’d like to discuss which option would be better suited to your circumstances.

Our standard portable loos are delivered by our engineers to your chosen site – for guidelines on choosing the correct number of units for your requirements, please visit our Toilet Calculator page.

What We Provide

  • Full instructions on how to use and care for the toilets while they are on your site or during your event
  • 24 hour emergency contact number in case of any unexpected issues

What Is Required

  • General vehicular access to the site


Height: 2286mm

Width: 1118mm

Depth: 1219mm

Door opening: 1930mm

Standard tank volume: 265L

Seat height: 521mm

Weight: 84Kg

Delivery & Installation

We understand that there may be a time limitation on our access to the event site for the delivery and installation of the portable toilets. We will always do our best to accommodate your requirements in this respect – please contact us to discuss this.

Health & Safety

Maximus Hire Group take health and safety very seriously, and you can be assured that all necessary assessments and precautions will be taken for the provision of portable toilets for your event.



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